Let’s say you’re driving on the interstate to get to your daughter’s important softball game a half an hour away. You’re already late because you got tied up at work, so time is of the essence. But then you hear your car make a noise that just doesn’t sound quite right.

It’s at this point where your priority list must undergo a dramatic shift. Some problems with your vehicle are undetectable, but for the most part, cars have a way of presenting you with warning signs that are hard to ignore, either in the form of a light going on or making a sound. Ignoring such a sound from your car because you think (or hope) that it’s nothing too serious could result in permanent damage to your car… or worse, to your body, and therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you take immediate action.

Here are three of the most serious warning sounds your car could present.

Squeaking While Braking

In some cases, hearing a squeaking noise while applying the brakes on your car isn’t a sign of anything too serious. But in other cases, it could be a sign that your brakes need replacing. Squeaking sounds from your brakes may foreshadow worn brake pads, or possibly even a brake caliper that’s come unhinged. Needless to say, having brakes that don’t work properly can be extremely dangerous, and merits a trip to your closest auto body shop.

A Hissing Engine

The sound of a hissing engine could potentially be an indication of one of the more dire issues with your car. It might mean that the vacuum has leaked, or that the engine has overheated, or even a congested exhaust system. In any case, if ignored, a hissing noise from your engine might mean that your car is in danger of suffering a blown engine, which puts your well-being in serious jeopardy- and to add insult to injury, could be a multi-thousand dollar repair project. So the instant you hear that hissing noise, stop what you’re doing and address it on the spot.

Popping Sounds From Your Exhaust

Popping noises could signal that any number of things are wrong. Sometimes it tells you that something is leaking in the fuel injector. Other times it means there’s a hole in your muffler. Regardless of what the actual problem is, it’s going to require attention immediately. Failure to do so could result in grave consequences, up to and including permanent engine damage, wasted fuel, and potentially even a deadly fire- and to boot, is extremely dangerous to both you and fellow drivers around you. So the second you hear something pop, pull over and take care of it.

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